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Water Today Title November 27, 2020

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Municipal water


This story is brought to you in part by Sourceia - Eco-houses

By Cori Marshall

Centre Reseau Mezza
Photo: Ville de Montréal

On February 2, the Ville de Montréal inaugurated the new Training Centre that is dedicated to the maintenance of the City's water system. The centre is the only one of its kind in the province of Québec. All city workers whose task is to work on Montréal's drinking water or sewer system will be trained in this new facility.

Marilyne Laroche-Corbeil, Communications Service Ville de Montréal, informed us that the City's Water Service "has created a high-level continuing education program that meets real needs on the ground." She added that "program content is 20% theory and 80% practical, allowing students to practice on a water pressure system replica."

The centre itself is set up with 10,000 square feet of practical apparatuses on a total 15,000 square feet.

Laroche Corbeil explained that "employees will be able to experiment with new work methods and tools, as well as visualize, in a controlled environment, impacts of their interventions." The facility is divided into different training areas where city workers will "learn and put into practice new harmonized work instructions, such as a network of fire hydrants, multiple valves, and a set of equipment and tools used in maintenance interventions."

The training program is a total of 225 hours which is spread over more than two years in order not to disrupt "current borough operations".

The training centre is part of the City's Maxim'eau project, which seeks to "increase the efficiency of organizing work by improving the management of resources, sustain information and develop internal expertise, and improve occupational health and safety practices," Laroche Corbeil said, "the technical training centre will equip employees to contribute to the achievement of these objectives by developing best practices."

When asked if the training centre was solely for the training of Montréal blue-collar workers Laroche-Corbeil responded "for the moment, the priority is to train Montréal's employees, the possibility of offering the program to other municipalities will eventually be studied."


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