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Water Today Title July 7, 2022

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Update 2017/6/23
Metropolis World Congress


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By Cori Marshall

The 2017 Metropolis World Congress came to a close yesterday. Mayor Denis Coderre declared "mission accomplished," at the end of the four-day event. Coderre saluted the World Mayors for their "capacity to question themselves, to innovate, and to work together."

The Montréal Declaration affirmed municipalities’ "determination to exercise leadership on the world stage and contribute to the resolution of local and global issues that affect both urban populations and the entire world." From the themes addressed in the Congress municipal leadership would be in areas of equality, inclusion, sustainable development, and fight against impacts of climate change.

The Declaration reaffirms the commitment of local leaders to effectively implement numerous international agreements like the Paris Agreement on climate change. Municipal leaders will implement these accords at the local level "regardless of the international context." The Montréal Congress made a commitment to implement the New Urban Agenda specifically article 11 for a shared vision, which calls for an inclusive and sustainable use of the cities.

The Congress affirmed its "full and entire commitment to women assuming an equal and effective role in the governance of cities and local governments and a leadership role in economic and social development." Mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo said, "women represent half of humanity and that half has a life experience different than the other." The declaration goes on to affirm that women "shall have access to all services on an equal basis."

The Congress commits to working with national and international institutions though they call on them to "recognize that cities must have powers and resources to match their roles and resources."

World Mayors shared the wishes with the Congress as to what they want to see happen moving forward. The World Association of Major Metropolises was born in Montréal in 1985. Coming out of the 12th Congress the major cities of the world have their guiding directives from here until 2020.

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