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Water Today Title October 23, 2020

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Update 2018/2/22


This story is brought to you in part by Waterloo Biofilter Systems

By Cori Marshall

Update 2018/2/22

The State of Emergency in Brantford, Ontario continues to develop. Last evening Prime Minister Justin Trudeau issued a Twitter statement on the situation, "my thoughts are with everyone affected by the flooding in Brantford." The Prime Minister also urged residents to follow evacuation orders.

The 8 AM Flood Update stated that the "evacuation for impacted flood areas, Homedale, Old West Brant, and Eagle Place is still in effect until further notice." The tweet went on to inform the public that "the VMP and Lorne Bridge will remain closed until [Ministry of Transportation] MTO inspections are completed."

It is in times like these that people's humanity pours out. A resident of London ON, reached out and offered her help and asked to be informed of what the affected residents needed. The City of Brantford said it was "grateful for the outpouring of support" and will release "details regarding volunteer coordination" today.

To stay informed follow the regular updates from the City of Brantford.


Early February 21, the City of Brantford, Ontario issued an Emergency News Alert on its Twitter feed which read, "in response to current watershed flooding, Brantford residents, schools and businesses in the areas of Holmdale, West Brant and Eagle Place should be on alert to evacuate."

Roughly an hour later the City issued another alert which "strongly urged [residents] to evacuate." It also stated that the Brantford Police "are going door to door."

By 1 PM the City was asking residents in the affected areas "not return to their homes until further notice." Brantford also made the Woodman Community Centre and Assumption College available to those who need a place to stay.

Maria Visocchi, Director, Communications and Community Engagement for Brantford, said that "the impacted area encompasses 2,200 homes and 5,000 people." As of right now, there is no fixed moment when people are foreseen to be to return home. Visocchi explained that residents would be evacuated "for another 24 hours at least as additional peaks in water level could occur overnight." Visocchi assured that "the situation will be reassessed tomorrow."

Flood waters are "still on the rise," Visocchi said, it is expected that flood waters "will recede in the next few hours though ice jams are unpredictable so the situation is dynamic and could change hourly."

When asked about the current quality of drinking water, Visocchi responded that "the quality of the City's drinking water remains safe at this time." She added that the City's Water Treatment Centre has not been impacted by today's flooding crisis."

For Brantford residents in the affected areas, the City is making timely updates on their website and social media platforms.


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