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Water Today Title December 4, 2020

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Update 2018/7/13
Municipal infrastructure


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by Cori Marshall

The City of Toronto has developed an online tool that allows water users to view and track their usage data with relative ease. On the announcement MyWaterToronto, there is an image stating "water goes digital. Toronto Water's Account Lookup will be linked to the tool and Torontonians will be able to access their information using their billing information.

Carlo Casale, Manager of Customer Care for Toronto Water explained that MyWaterToronto is "a tool that enables property owners [...] to track their water use form a computer or mobile device." The data tracker can display "by day, week, month, or year in chart and graph format," Casale added.

MyWaterToronto "provides the opportunity to enter additional details such as temperature and precipitation to help customers better understand why they may have used more or less water during a particular time period," Casale underlined.

The 475 thousand water meters that were installed will be contributing to the online tool. The data on MyWaterToronto will be based on readings from these meters. Casale explained, "small residential meters transmit water use data to the City every six hours, whereas users who use more water, such as commercial and multi-residential buildings, send water readings to the City every hour."

Casale explained the online tool "was developed to give customers a convenient way to identify potential leaks and become more aware of their water use habits."

    "Customers that have a leak in their system will see a prolonged increase in their water use that they cannot explain."
    - Carlo Casale, Toronto Water

Casale said that "customers are often surprised to learn that a leaky toilet can waste an average of 20 cubic metres, or 20 thousand litres daily, which can add more than $75 to a utility bill each day." By tracking the data, and any anomalous readings, users can proactively address any issues in their systems.

Water use increases in the summer, Casale said that this "can be by as much as 15 to 20 percent due to activities such as lawn and garden care." Underneath it all, the objective of MyWaterToronto is to facilitate billing, it "makes it easier for customers to better understand their water use and corresponding bill charges." The data collection also allows Toronto Water to better respond


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