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Water Today Title November 27, 2020

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Update 2018/5/4
Drinking Water


This story is brought to you in part by Sourceia - Eco-houses

by Cori Marshall

The Quebec Ministry of Environment and Climate Change - Ministère du Développement durable, Environnement et Lutte contre les changements climatiques du Québec (MDDELCCC) - keeps a list of municipal and non-municipal water distribution systems whose operators have not furnished any bacterial test results for at least two months. Some of these systems bear the name of a physical person, and therefore the name of the system is protected under Québec privacy laws.

We managed to speak with Eric Gosselin, Owner of Manoir des Rapides Preissac, a Dépanneur, Resto-Bar in Amos, Québec. The combination convenience store, pharmacy, restaurant and pub was listed on the ministry website.

Gosselin explained that the reason why they have not sent bacterial test results to the MDDELCCC in at least two months is because "no one has asked." He has been the owner for three years.

Gosselin said that when they first took over the establishment they "were required to take water samples regularly and send them for testing." For a while, everything was going well, when "the lab we sent samples to stopped sending the results to us." consequently, the owner said they simply "stopped taking samples and sending them for testing."

Gosselin confirmed that they are still using the untested water "for washing hands and cooking, but any water that is for drinking is bottled water." If they were approached by the Ministry and the lab furnished the test results, they would send them to the government.

The list the MDDELCCC maintains contains some 74 for entries, the majority of which are non-municipal water systems (81%). Of those 60 non-municipal systems 9 or 15% bear the name of an individual and cannot be identified on the Ministry website. The Administrative Region with the most systems that have not reported is Montérégie (21), while Montréal and Laval fared the best (0).

Number of Non-Reporting Water Systems by Administrative Region

Quebec non-reporting systems by administrative region


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