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Water Today Title August 8, 2020

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Update 2018/10/1


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by Cori Marshall

Québec voters have been witness to the art of political seduction over the course of a rather lengthy 39-day campaign. Throughout the process, even as the tone rose, the parties made announcements, promises, and commitments to get the population's vote October 1.

WaterToday approached five of the parties vying for presentation in the Assemblée Nationale on water security, wastewater management, the environment, and renewable energy.

For Québec solidaire (QS) water was "of fundamental importance," and the party aims to ban all combustion engines from Québec roads. QS would aid freight transport fleets to convert to electricity and renewable natural gas. Part of the plan that rethinks Québec's economy is to implement a biomass policy that would exploit waste matter from forestry and agricultural practices.

For the Parti vert du Québec (PVQ), "the protection of water is one of the most important issues." Part of the PVQ platform is to aim to reduce agricultural effluents that contribute many problems in the province's lakes and river, such as blue-green algae. There are approximately 100 municipalities across Québec that dump untreated wastewater directly into waterways, daily, the PVQ would like to see as many municipalities as possible start a bio-methanation process.

The Parti Libéral du Québec (PLQ) viewed water security with "the greatest importance." The party wants to continue with its strategies and policies that it implemented during the past four years. The PLQ approach to water revolves around the Stratégie québécoise de l'eau 2018-2030 (SQE).

There are no more announcements to be made by the parties, and it comes down to what the voting population will decide. With information up to date as of September 30, Qc125.com still projects the Coalition avenir Québec (CAQ) to win the election with 87.1% chance and a 55.1% chance of forming a majority government.

The website's projection of the popular vote distribution is not as clear. The CAQ and the PLQ are both projected to take just over 31% of the vote, the Parti québécois (PQ) 19.3%, and QS 15.1%. The PVQ is not represented on in the study.

There are over 20 parties that are presenting candidates in the current election, WaterToday approached the five largest and most visible. After numerous attempts to request comment, the CAQ and PQ declined our requests.


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