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Water Today Title September 27, 2022

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Update 2017/6/19
EV transportation


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By Cori Marshall

The Electric vehicle (EV) market has a very near complete product line. There are sedans, hatchbacks and Sports Utility Vehicles (SUV). The one product that seemed to be missing from the lineup was the top of the line luxury sports car.

A crowd-funded bi-coastal EV motor company has come up with a sports car that is as roomy and practical as a sedan.

Dubuc Motors is based out of Québec City and Sunnydale California and was cofounded by COO Mike Kakogiannakis and CEO Mario Dubuc. Kakogiannakis said the two "were passionate about cars and always wanted to build the fastest car while being conscious of the environment." The team built a number of prototypes before arriving at the Tomahawk.

The Tomahawk was designed for the niche luxury sports car Electric Vehicle market, seating four and has the "Big and Tall" person in mind. Kakogiannakis was an owner of exotic cars and found that a major problem with them is that "they were very confined, [and] there was no trunk space."

The team found in market research that big and tall people were just not buying sports cars even if they would want too. Kakogiannakis said that professional sports athletes don’t tend to drive sports cars "most of them will have SUVs."

When at home the car will charge "between six and eight hours," and uses a universal charger. When on the road, there is the supercharger which will allow the car to be "charged in twenty to thirty minutes." Kakogiannakis said that "with a range of 600 kilometres it will be rare that [it] would need to be charged for daily commutes."

How does this car stack up against the traditional sports cars? Being that this is an EV "it has more torque, there is a much faster acceleration rate and can reach 100 [km] in two seconds." Kakogiannakis suggested that "in terms of performance and range [the Tomahawk] is comparable to Tesla," though Dubuc Motors have no intentions of competing with them.

The Tomahawk is not for the average car buyer, the starting price is $125 thousand US. Kakogiannakis suggested that "there will be extras," that could be included with the car that would see the price rise from that base price. The company is taking preorders now, and aspiring buyers can expect delivery in the third quarter of 2018.

The prototype is making appearances at events like the Canadian Grand Prix. Kakogiannakis said the response in Montréal "was incredible, the car is a showstopper."

This EV has performance that is comparable to other established exotic cars on the market and has a homegrown Québec connection. The best part of the vehicle is that it is environmentally responsible. Car collectors can now profit while they save the planet.

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