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Water Today Title April 12, 2021

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Update 2018/1/1
Water Advisory Report


2016-2017 Comparative Advisory Chart: Alberta
Blue-2016 Red-2017

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By Cori Marshall

The province of Alberta has provided several topics for WaterToday's daily coverage. There were blown valves in Wembley in November, four southern towns under level 3 water restrictions, and of course the pink water in Onoway.

Despite the apparent severity of the topics mentioned above Alberta had relatively few water advisories in 2017. The province had a total of had 79 reported water advisories this year, up 14% from the previous year.

This years total places Alberta in 8th of the nine provinces included in the review. The province maintained this position since 2016 when it reported a total of 68 advisories.

Alberta averaged 6.5 advisories a month in 2017, compared to 5.6 last year. The average number does not tell the entire story, eight months out of the year advisory totals ranged between 0 and 5. It is only between June and September where numbers superior to those were reported. Alberta's high water mark this year was 27 compared to a peak number of 18 in 2016.

The summer and early autumn are the periods when the province deals with the majority of its water advisories, the rest of the year numbers are almost negligible.

2017 saw totals superior to totals for the same month six times, and only three months had total below the 2016 mark.

Alberta has the most favourable numbers of all western provinces and is a stark contrast to its Prairie neighbour. Coming up next the province with the second most water advisories, and our last stop on the Year End Review, British Columbia.

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