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Water Today Title July 7, 2022

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Update 2018/1/5
Water Advisory Report


This story is brought to you in part by Sourceia - Eco-houses

By Cori Marshall

Water Today has looked at the annual numbers for 2016 and 2017 for nine Canadian provinces, and the frequency with which water advisories are issued and reported differs from province to province. That was our look at the Canadian South, there are water advisories in the Arctic regions of the country, although annual numbers are comparable to low monthly totals in some of the provinces. In this review, we will take a look at the advisory numbers for Nunavut and the Yukon Territories.

2016-2017 Comparative Advisory Chart: Nunavut
Blue-2016 Red-2017

The Arctic climate differs from that in the southern parts of the country in that is harsh, and cold for a more extended period of the year, this undoubtedly affects the frequency with which water issues occur and advisories are reported. We have seen over the course of 2017 that there are changes in the Arctic climate that affect the entire planet.

The youngest of Canada's three territories, Nunavut's reported advisory numbers flatline for much of the year no surprise that these numbers occur during the coldest times of the year.

In 2016 Nunavut reported a total of 5 water advisories, this year the number dropped to 4. Whereas last year's total was spread out over five different months, in 2017, all four advisories were reported in June.

Nunavut has averaged less than one advisory a month over the last 24 months. Comparatively the Yukon had no average advisory number this year, and in 2016 the territory's monthly average was just above zero.

2016-2017 Comparative Advisory Chart: The Yukon
Blue-2016 Red-2017

The Yukon has one reported water advisory over the last two years. Advisory totals in the North are meagre when compared to those observed in the provinces.

Water Today has compiled a large number of water advisories going back over two decades. What it comes down to is reporting. As long as provincial and territorial reporting structures are in place and oblige municipalities and water system operators to report issues that may affect the quality of your drinking water, the safer your water will be.

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