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June 24, 2024

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Journo Hub

WT Journo Hub

WaterToday is launching the WT Journo Hub to build a network of water journalists, expand WaterToday’s coverage around the world, and provide water journalists with the tools to build their own WaterToday media.

If you are a journalist and want to bring water issues in your country to the forefront, the WT Journo Hub will help manage the project, facilitate sharing of content, and provide advertising assistance to help you supplement your income.

There is no cost for joining the WT Journo Hub .

Once a member, you can write your own articles, and publish them on a Watertoday template created for your country, along with related articles from other WT Journo Hub members.

Our system includes an easy-to-use publishing system and an interactive map of your country or geographical area, complete with an SMS system to alert your viewers to threats, such as contamination, spills, and flooding.

If you wish, our central Hub will sell ads for you based on your articles and split the revenue 50/50 with you. If you sell ads, you keep it all.

If you are interested in joining the WT Journo Hub, please send us an email at journos@watertoday.ca with your area of interest country, or geographic location, and some examples of articles you have published .

Once we have reviewed your information, we will provide you with all the tools you need to join the WT Journo Hub.

WT     Canada    Mexico    USA: New York    Georgia    Louisiana    Ohio

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