2024/6/ 24

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The next frontier...

Space Balloons

The Timmins Balloon Base
Experiments launched in an environment similar to Space
Interview with Audrey Barbier, Canada Space Agency (Communications)

The Canadian Space Agency (CSA) is working with NASA on the
Deep Space Food Challenge, a competition to develop new technologies to produce food for future space missions while expanding opportunities for food production on Earth.


CSA Announces Finalists in The Deep Space Food Challenge
Canadian DSFC teams receive $100,000 each to further develop their prototypes over the next year.


A Precision-Automated Plant Growth Environment
Ontario start-up, PeaPod Technologies Inc advances to the DSFC semi-finals with a cloud-connected space food production system

Cultivating Chlorella and Regenerating CO2 in Space
A University of Waterloo Chemical Engineering team develops a combined food growth and environmental regeneration device

Algae-Based Superfood Goes Galactic
McGill University's second DSFC semi-finalist project, the InSpira Photobioreactor transforms spirulina into an edible gel and drink

Algae's potential to close the sustainability loop in space
AlgaBloom International cultivates novel super-resistant Canadian algae for terrestrial and extra-terrestrial applications

Concordia University's interdisciplinary team bioengineers yeast to create nutrient-rich delicious space food

Black Soldier Flies could satisfy several DSFC requirements
The Outpost, an automated composting system, provides healthy food for remote communities on and off planet.

A Circular Food Solution In Space
Peterborough Company Noblegen advances to semi-finals in the Deep Space Food Challenge using human waste feedstock to create protein

Vancouver Team CANGrow moves on to semi-finals in the Canadian Space Agency’s Deep Space Food Challenge
The company's Ecoation Innovative Systems, develops food technology for long-term space missions.

Crickets In Space
McGill University's Deep Space Food Challenge semi-finalists will breed and harvest crickets to feed astronauts

NASA SWOT (Surface Water and Ocean Topography) satellite, launched on December 16, to survey all water on Earth
Interview with Jean Bergeron, Missions Scientist, Canadian Space Agency

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